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Word counters for mobile devices are arriving. Whatever your job, whether you’re an author who has an e-book or someone who prefers to simply ramble around on the internet, it’s obvious the world is in an time of word counts.

In the event that you use paper to write be it at school, for work or even for social media, you’re subject to the words count.

Limits on tweets’ length were raised from 140 characters to up to 280 characters.
Maximum length for a posting on Facebook is 63.206 characters. The maximum length of comments is 8,000 characters.
What do you think about Instagram’s limit of 30 hashtags per blog post? The Instagram caption limit is 125 characters and the maximum number of characters is 2200.
We’ve also been told that if you would like your blog to be featured in the results of searches on Google you should try to find words that contain at least 1800 words.
Look? In the moment, we are restricted to a specific number of characters.

The requirement to continuously cut or insert phrases into the content to meet standards can be made simpler by focusing on the subject and making sure that the content follows those guidelines set by the platforms you are using.

Clock Words

A text-counting program is needed to get this outcome.

While it’s not a word-counter, it includes many other programs that extend beyond the counting of characters.

Do you know of anyone who has an urgent need for the device only capable of calculating online words?
If you’re not certain of why you should use this Word Counter, you may decide to take the time to count the characters by hand. You’ll have an idea of this being a difficult or even irritating job before you reach line 7.

If you’d rather not to work it out manually, there’s software that can do the job quickly and easily.

Utilizing the online, free Count Words tool from Prosno SEO Tools We can now provide you with the number of words that are contained within your documents. It’s an advanced word counter that delivers the results in a single click.


To save you the headache of tracking the individual characters we created Word Finder.

Our system guarantees precise results and can quickly determine if the text will be long enough.

There’s more you can accomplish with an online text counter that just counting words and characters. In the section entitled “HOW to COUNT MY WORDS by Prosno SEO Tools is different,” you’ll discover that it’s a sophisticated textual content Analyzer.

If you are a professional writer, an online company or teacher, or simply interested in social media, our tool can help.


The user interface of our cost-free Word Checker software is easy to understand as well as use. However, in spite of its sophisticated technology and proven precision, the program is actually easy for users to operate.

Actually, the application will instantly execute the scan and offer the findings when you visit this site ( and input your content into the text box.

You can use HTML0 Word Finder on any computer or mobile device to download files onto your computer. It is advised to use online storage options like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Advantages and disadvantages to using it Word Counting tool from Prosno SEO Tools
If you evaluate it against other products on the market the spelling and grammar checker is at the top of the line compared to other products.

A large majority of the other online word counters don’t offer the same sophistication or user-friendliness that is offered by Text Checker created by Prosno SEO Tools.

In addition to adding the words it does these functions:

In the “Basic Number Letter Statistics” section, you’ll be able to look up information about the amount of words, spaces or characters that are not space-based.

Sentences made up of 1,2 and 3 words contain the highest word density as measured by.

In “Extra count letter statistics” within the “Extra Count Letter Statistics” In the “Extra Count Letter Statistics” section, you’ll find useful information, like the total number of words, phrases, and paragraphs, in addition to how long the typical the words and paragraphs, as well as how long paragraphs are on average and the number of paragraphs.

Examples of “Length Statistics” The data shown is the number of words utilized, as well as the sentences with the longest length, as and the mean length for sentences, as well as additional examples.
It’s not just an unintentional word count. It’s a sophisticated and cutting-edge device to examine a variety of aspects of literature.

Also, there is no commitment to financial investment required.
We work with a company that is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. We can however protect our customers.
Our free Letter Counter Tool does not keep or store any personal information unlike other tools.

If you use our tool, other SEO or content creators We will not evaluate or gather information about the content that you create.

When you store HTML0 information on our servers, it’s secure and accessible only for the person who saved it. You can utilize the Keyword Position Checker that is completely free, and Reverse Picture Search, among many additional tools.

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