5 Project Management Software Tools For Remote Workers in 2024

Teams can monitor various projects with the aid of project management software. This entails assessing the risks and maintaining open lines of communication. Determining if a project is on track or not is another benefit.

Trello is among the greatest basic project management platforms. It is simple to use, has a wealth of planning and communication capabilities all in one place, and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

ProProfs Initiative

One of the greatest tools for managing your work remotely is project management software, such as ProProfs Project. Along with other features, it provides task tracking, AI-powered risk assessments, and personalised to-do lists. By using this programme, you may complete tasks more rapidly, foster better client ties, and generate more revenue. Additionally, it might lessen time theft, which is among the biggest issues that remote workers deal with.

The programme is basic and user-friendly. It includes built-in app connectors and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Users can also personalise their workflows with it. The user can visualise workflows with Gantt charts and Kanban boards, choose from pre-built task and project templates, and keep track of the amount of time spent on each activity.

Additionally, it boasts a strong reporting engine that offers insights into important parameters like response times and team effectiveness.

With the online project management tool ProProfs Project, you can assign work, track developments, and create and distribute invoices. Setting due dates and assigning tasks is made simple by its user-friendly interface. Users of the software can also automate repetitive chores and designate priority statuses. They may also keep tabs on their development and billable hours for client billing with its help.

There are a tonne of useful FAQs and tutorials for novice users on the ProProfs Project website. Additionally, users can test the software for free during its trial time before opting to buy it. To prevent confusion and irritation, it is advised that users become acquainted with the features and functionality of the software.

If you are unclear about the features, think about contrasting them with comparable items. Use keywords like “Task Management Tools” or “ProProfs Project Alternatives” to locate them. As an alternative, you can refine the results by using the ProProfs Project website’s filter for these terms.


The online project management application GanttPRO provides a straightforward user interface for initiating, organising, and managing tasks. Time logging, strong workload control, and a timetable based on Gantt charts are some of its features. It can also be used for financial management and report creation.

It can assist you in staying on top of deadlines and significant achievements, which is particularly helpful when overseeing software development projects. Anyone can try the tool for free during its trial period.

Task management is a fundamental component of GanttPRO that facilitates team prioritisation and progress tracking. You can also set task durations and link them to dependencies with this tool. If a job or its dependent is changed, the tool immediately updates the timeline. Additionally, the software offers an adjustable calendar with separate working days and weekends.

You can quickly view all of your projects with the project dashboard. You may also observe how well your team members perform and how much work they put into each activity. Even sharing chores is as simple as clicking a button. With the tool’s various reporting options—which include spreadsheets and graphs—you can keep an eye on a project’s overall development.

Project managers and their teams can see progress more easily and send fewer emails thanks to its intuitive UI. Additionally, it supports Waterfall and Agile techniques. It also has an effective Gantt chart with drag-and-drop capabilities. It is simple to use and adaptable to any kind of project. This is the perfect tool for small and medium-sized businesses. You can easily create a Gantt chart with it and make adjustments in real time thanks to its user-friendly design.


You can assign tasks to your team and control the scope of the project using actiTIME. With the insightful data it offers, it also aids in keeping things in order. You may also build new task kinds, produce invoices, and automate cost calculations with it.

It also provides a range of security measures, such as policies about account lockout and criteria for password strength. It also offers on-demand data import and export services, along with daily data backups.

ActiTIME is simple to use in addition to having a wealth of features. It immediately syncs with QuickBooks and allows you to track the time you spend on clients and projects. You can also set up email notifications and make a weekly timesheet using it. Its mobile app even allows you to track work while on the road.

Using a straightforward time-track form, users can manually log their time and annotate each item. The weekly timesheet is also available to them in calendar view. Additionally, administrators have the ability to lock timesheets to prevent modifications after they have been filed and approve or reject time entries by user or in bulk.

Moreover, the programme offers offline tracking via a browser extension and a mobile app. In addition, users can use a timer to log their hours, and when they’re online, they can sync those hours to the web timesheet. Numerous other helpful tools are also included, such as the ability to track overtime and leave time.

ActiTIME has many more advanced capabilities than comparable project management software. It also provides multiple paid versions in addition to a free one. The opportunity to upgrade to a more feature-rich and versatile version is available in the paid editions. For added flexibility and control, you can deploy it on your own servers.

Jira from Atlassian

One useful tool for project management is Atlassian Jira, a software package. It is an excellent option for groups implementing agile methodologies. Teams can track work iteratively and produce value incrementally because to its strong support for Scrum and Kanban. It also has tools for monitoring task completion times and pinpointing bottlenecks.

Using Jira’s permission schemes, administrators can apply more complex rules or customise permission levels per project. They can also design and modify custom workflows, which are collections of standard procedures tailored to certain kinds of problems. Project managers can end a project and take it out of active use by using the integrated archiving feature.

Additionally, Jira provides teams with pre-built reports that let them track advancement and forecast results. Teams use the product release report, for instance, to estimate how long it will take to deliver a new version. Teams can also use it to identify problems that could cause the release process to lag.

In a similar vein, teams may see how much work they can reasonably finish in each sprint using the sprint analysis report. This is particularly helpful for identifying bottlenecks and foreseeing potential problems.

Jira is a project management application that may be used by non-administrators, in contrast to certain other programmes that need administrator access to set up and configure. However, non-technical users could find it challenging to grasp the interface because it was created for software developers or engineers. This could cause some departments to adopt Jira more slowly.


Open source project management tool ZenTao offers a plethora of features and functionalities. Many businesses utilise it, such as China Mobile and Haier, to oversee the development of software products. It offers a venue for team collaboration as well.

ZenTao is offered as a desktop client and as a cloud-based solution. It consists of tools for team communication, bug tracking, and agile planning and tracking. Its characteristics are intended to assist agile teams in producing high-caliber software more quickly.

ZenTao’s most recent release emphasises enhancing the management model and introducing a brand-new function named “programme.” The programme is a high-level project with several smaller projects, iterations, and initiatives within it.

Moreover, it facilitates hierarchical access control and helps managers formulate macro-level strategic directions more effectively. In addition to the agile management model, the new version also includes a waterfall management model (ZenTao Max) that allows various projects to accommodate various management styles.

An additional feature of ZenTao is an online chat feature that lets users interact and work together in real time. The application’s left navigation bar provides access to this user-friendly functionality. ZenTao is now even more potent since it has enhanced its synchronisation and data merging capabilities.

ZenTao is an effective solution for Agile testing and software development. Its numerous capabilities and ease of integration with other tools make it an excellent option for agile teams.

For instance, it has a feature-rich and user-friendly test management tool, as well as a bug tracker that can outperform Jira in the country. For business teams outside of IT that wish to use an Agile project management solution, it’s also a fantastic option.

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