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An instrument to determine the age of a website

Are you interested in knowing the date a website was created? Are you interested in the length of the existence of a site? If yes, then you’re in the right spot. We’ll be discussing a program known as Domain Age Checker in this blog post that will help determine how old the website on your site is.

Domain Age Checker: What is It?

It is a software Domain Age Checker aids in discovering the age of a website. Owners of websites, SEO specialists, and digital marketers utilize it to figure out the age of a website. This tool can be very useful when you need to find the age of a website is prior to purchasing it, or look at the website’s competition.

Domain Age Checker How Does It Work?

To perform its function, Domain Age Checker examines the WHOIS database that is a database that contains information about domain names. Domain Age Checker pulls the domain name’s creation date directly from the WHOIS database each time you enter the name of your domain. Subtracting the date of creation from the date of current registration gives the date of birth for the domain.

What is the reason Domain Age Relevance?

Since domain age is among the factors that search engines consider to evaluate the authority of a site It is crucial. Domains have more authority the older it’s. This means that a website with a long life span is likely to rank higher in search results.

What Can I Do With the Age of a Domain?

Domain Age Checker is quite easy to use. Start by visiting Domain Age Checker first.2. Enter the domain name that will be examined.3. Choose “Check Domain Age” from the menu.4. Then, wait for the loading of your results..

In the form of years, months, as well as days, the age of the domain will be displayed by the search results.

In sum

A very useful tool that can aid you in determining the age of a site can be found in Domain Age Checker. It’s extremely user-friendly and produces precise results. When you’re looking to purchase websites or analyze the competition, it’s crucial to determine how old a site is. Therefore, in order to determine the age of a website using domain age checker.

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